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Darren Hunt Live

Many of you are now aware of the U.K. lockdown, and forced closure of live music venues across the country. Whilst you are sitting at home, YOU CAN HELP! If you have watched a Darren Hunt video, or gig video, or live stream, please help and donate what you can using these three PayPal buttons below! Thank you!

Donate to DARREN HUNT - (using PayPal)

Donate - If You've just watched Darren Hunt Playing Guitar Live! Thank you for supporting a self-employed musician! Donating is free, and quick and safe. Using PayPal. The Default Payment amount is £1, £5, or £10. You are welcome to amend the quantity at any time, or donate as many times as you like...

1 GBP - Donation

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

5 GBP - Donation

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10 GBP - Donation

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PayPal Issues? Buttons Not Working? One or Two of you lovely people couldn't quite get the hang of the PayPal buttons, causing some confusion. No Problem! Just log into your Paypal account and send the donation using my PayPal email

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